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A little about me.  I am a long-term advanced amateur nature and landscape photographer.  I was blessed to have many opportunities to see the world while serving in the United States Air Force.  I left that world nearly a decade ago, and have been randomly continuing with my craft and making images for sale for those who are interested.

I call this venture Wingman Photography for two reasons.  One, in the Air Force, everybody who served with you was your wingman.  Always there watching out for one another to keep folks safe.  And secondly, the vast majority (95% or so) of my images are images of birds and winged insects, thus Wingman describes both my military upbringing and separately the kinds of images I like to make.

My Gallery

Check out the Gallery!

My Gallery

Check out the Gallery!

I take great pride in my photography and how it makes people feel.  I am a photoshop minimalist–if I don’t get it right in the camera then I don’t spend a ton of time trying to make it right in the computer.  And I don’t get it right in the camera more times than I would like to admit.

I will crop.  We all consciously or unconsciously crop with our feet when we’re in the field, with the twist of the wrist if we are using a zoom lens, and with what we choose to knock away from the image when we get it home.  I adjust exposure.  I adjust highlights, midtone, and shadow.  I adjust color saturation.  And then I leave it alone.

What I absolutely refuse to do is add or remove elements from an image.  Of over 1200 “portfolio” images that I have, I have a single image in which I have removed something other than dust that was on the sensor or on the lens.  That was to remove a single floating seed in a small pond.  It didn’t belong there.  Nature didn’t put it there, so I didn’t feel bad (and still don’t feel bad) about removing it.



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Art Shows & Online Sales

I do not anticipate doing any in-person Art Shows in the near future.  I have done them before.  They are a lot of work.  They are a lot of time on the road.  They are also a lot of fun.  But as I often say, the best way to make a small fortune in Nature Photography is to start with a large fortune.  I don’t have one of those today, and tomorrow isn’t looking good.  My chosen craft pays a good salary and I may get to a small fortune someday with it (which means when I do start doing this as a full-time job in my retirement I will die with no fortune).

If you are, however, looking for specific images that I have here, then I would recommend visiting my online store at Zenfolio.



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